Two Nigerians Died In The Ethiopian Plane Crash

Two Nigerians died in the Ethiopian Plane crash:

Two Nigerian Professors have lost their lives in the ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed earlier today, 157 passengers on board perished.

The video below shows moment when the passengers were struggling to stay alive:

Seconds below the plane crash

They are Professor Bashua Abiodun who travelled with his Nigerian passport and Professor Adesanmi Pius who travelled with his Canadian passport.

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The professors were to attend a CIDO/ECOSOCC meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Plane, a Boeing 737 MAX 8, departed at about 08:38 am (05:38 GMT) and lost contact with air traffic controllers about six (6) minutes later and crashed near Bishoftu.

Photo of Two Nigerians who died in the Ethiopian Plane crash

Meanwhile, Abiodun Bashua was a respected retired Nigerian diplomat with many years with the UN, while Adesanmi Pius a Nigerian-Canadian professor of English at the University of Carleton Canada.

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